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Providing holistic maternal support that is personalized, community focused and faith inspired.

Our Story

We, as a dedicated team of three birth workers and mothers, possess a diverse range of skills and expertise. Each of us have witnessed firsthand the gaps in care experienced by our clients, and this has ignited a deep passion within us to create positive change. United by a common goal, we are determined to make a difference in our community to ensure that mothers receive the care they truly deserve.

Our collective experiences moved us, as we see mothers lack the support and attention needed during such a vulnerable and pivotal time in their lives. Motivated by this realization, we felt compelled to take action and address these shortcomings head-on. This led to the inception of our vision: Ummah Maternal - a heartfelt initiative aimed at transforming the maternal care landscape and providing comprehensive, holistic support to mothers throughout their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey.

Our Team

Victoria Qasim
Victoria Qasim
Birth & Postpartum Doula, Lactation Consultant (Student)
Victoria Aasiya Qasim holds a diploma in Early Childhood Education from Sheridan College, is a certified Birth Doula and is currently enrolled at Mohawk College to pursue her dream of becoming a Lactation Consultant. Victoria felt incredibly supported during her pregnancies and births which included struggles with hyperemesis gravidarum, prematurity and a NICU stay. Because of her personal experience, she knows the value and impact that support has on early motherhood.
Sanna Padela
Sanna Padela
BA, MSc Physiology, BSc Midwifery, Birth Trauma Counsellor (Student)​
Sanna Padela holds a Bachelor's degree from the University at Buffalo and a Master’s degree in Physiology from the University of Toronto. After learning about lactation consulting, she was led to, and ultimately completed, her Midwifery BHSc at McMaster University. She has always been passionate about female healthcare from a young age, volunteering and working with locals, newcomers, refugees, and also women and children internationally.
Heileen Zein
Heileen Zein
Birth & Postpartum Doula, Traditional Birth Companion (Student)​
Heileen Zein, founder of Faithful Birthing, has over ten years experience as a certified birth and postpartum doula. She is also a Childbirth Educator and currently pursuing her dream of becoming a Traditional Birth Companion. Heileen’s personal journey through birth complications, miscarriages, caesarean and successful VBACs led her to her passion for becoming a Doula. She has a love for educating and supporting women and their families.


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