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Pregnant women are only a portion of our clientele. At Ummah, we also serve women trying to conceive, grieving a loss, as well as in their postpartum stage.

Additionally, any woman looking for qualified, compassionate, culturally aware female healthcare practitioners can benefit from our network

Ummah recognizes the unique requirements and preferences that women of faith may desire. We create a safe space where this is respected. However, women who do not ascribe to a faith are more than welcome to receive support and care from our network.

You may read the descriptions of each doula and set up a complimentary interview with doulas you feel may align with your needs. You are encouraged to hire a doula that resonates with you and your family. Check out our Doula Page

No, our directory of Health Care Practitioners is free for you to browse. We encourage you to review our curated list of practitioners and their profiles

A Maternal Consultant may be exactly what you need. A Maternal Consultant is able to provide you with information and resources to support you where you are in your journey. Check out our Maternal Consultant Page.

Insurance does not cover Maternal Consultants, but depending on your insurance coverage, you may have partial or full coverage for a Doula or Health Care Practitioner.

Ummah Maternal runs birth clubs for mothers who have babies born in the same year. Birth Club is an exclusive community for those who would like to share their experiences, gain information as well as meet up with like minded women in the community that are in similar stages of the motherhood journey. Birth Club members have exclusive access to a summer potluck picnic, two webinars per calendar year hosted by Ummah Maternal founders, and a What’s App Group. Mothers may join their respective Birth Club at any time during the year. To join our Birth Club, please email

Ummah Maternal connects women to support both in person and online.
Below is a list of Ummah Services and how they are delivered.

  • Maternal Consultants : virtual services only
  • Doulas: in-person support at place of client’s choice within the GTA
  • Healthcare Practitioners : in-person via independent clinics across the GTA and / or virtual service
We are always looking to expand our Ummah team! If you feel you can offer a service, product, or education beneficial to our clientele, you may email us at

Ummah Maternal intends to provide Childbirth Education and Postpartum Support services in the near future. Please stay tuned via IG and website for updates!