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Maternal Consultants

Professionally trained and educated birthworkers who can help work through concerns you have, give nonmedical advice and direct you to education & community resources.

Maternal consultants are dedicated professionals who are readily available to provide expectant and postpartum mothers with the personalized attention they truly deserve. They are trained and educated birth workers that have attained the expertise to assist women in working through any concerns they may have during their journey. They offer valuable non-medical advice which guides mothers towards relevant education and community resources that can further enhance their knowledge and support network.

Booking a consultation will help you:

Address the impact of past experiences on your current pregnancy.

Release fears and attain confidence in your body and the birthing process

Identify specific concerns and work towards solutions

Learn about healthcare practitioners that can assist you with specific aspects of physical and mental well being

Be reassured in your experience to foster renewed confidence and peace of mind

Feel empowered to navigate your pregnancy with confidence and support

Book a Consult

To book your virtual session with one of our maternal consultants for $80 +HST per session, fill out the form below