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Faryal Zahir

Faryal graduated from McMaster University with a Masters in Physiotherapy. She is a rostered Pelvic Health Physiotherapist with a passion for helping women navigate their pelvic floor concerns and work towards a path of informed healing and improved quality of life. 

Faryal practices in-person at The Womb in Milton and virtually through Compass Rose Wellness Inc. in collaboration with UROSPOT. Her patient population includes mamas trying to progress through a healthy and informed pregnancy, mamas preparing for labour with goals of reducing risk of tearing and time spent in labour, and those who are postpartum (whether you delivered a few weeks ago or years prior)! In addition to this, she also supports women through their experience of menopause. 

Faryal firmly believes in prioritizing compassion, empathy, and personalized care so she can empower her patients with the knowledge and tools necessary for active participation in their journey towards recovery. With Faryal you can expect to work towards functional pelvic health and rediscover the joy and confidence that comes with it!