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Gerda Hayden

Gerda grew up in Cape Town, South Africa and completed her physiotherapy degree with distinction at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in 2003. She started her career in the Neuro MusculoSkeletal field adding a diploma in Sports Rehabilitation to her credentials in 2006. She was a treasurer and provincial chairperson for the South African Society of Physiotherapy for a number of years. It was in an elite athlete clinic that her interest in Women’s health was first piqued. She obtained her Women’s health credentialing in 2012, the same year her first son was born. The family moved to the UK shortly after and then landed in Canada three years later.

She started at the World of My baby (WOMB) in 2018 and has been there since. She has expanded her peri-partum care to an interest in the peri-menopausal field and is qualified to fit pessaries.

She is passionate about furthering education and hosts the in-clinic placements for McMaster medical residents as well as giving guest lectures at the University itself.