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Laurie Dietrich

After wanting to do birth work since the birth of her first child 18 years ago, 2020 was the year Laurie finally trained with DONA. 

Laurie is a lifelong Miltonian and mother of 3. She has been married to her husband Shawn for 19 years. They have three children and homeschool. 

Laurie has since built Ancient Wisdom Birth Services, serving naturally-minded mothers making conscious decisions about their care. Specializing in home-birth, she walks alongside women and their families offering emotional and physical support, help wade through the oceans of information available today to find balanced views rooted in facts, not fear that honour your intuition and divine design. 

This fall, Laurie will begin training with Billie Harrigan to learn more about supporting women who want further options than what the obstetrical and medwifery models have to offer in her Traditional Birth Companion course, to be completed by summer 2024.